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Our pictures are a collection from our teachers, staff, community partners and parents. If you have photos you would like to share please let me know, you can also email them to

October 2023
Lapwai BIA Grounds Groundbreaking Mamáy’asnim Hitéemenwees
The Great Tipi Race
Summer time at the Mamáy’asnim Hitéemenwees

National Night Out Lapwai August 2022

Summertime Madness with NPT Indian Child Welfare Program June 2022

NIHSDA July 2022

Kamiah Graduates 2022
Graduation Parade photos 2022
Kamiah Class Pictures 2022
Pa Pa Ox Retirement and Mini Pow wow 2022

Summer Fun with Wrap Around 2021

Kamiah Site 2021

HS/EHS Pow wow 2021

Play Day at Boys and Girls Club

October pix 2021

Photos of Lapwai outside play areas 2021

Graduation Pictures 2021

Head Start Alumni Page

November Cultural Training 2021

Christmas Party fun 2021!

LEGOS 2022!!

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