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National Night Out

National Night Out 2022

THANK YOU First Responders!

Sign made by Teacher Samantha Penney
Veda Pfefferkorn, Jenny Oatman, Patricia WhiteTemple and Laura Conner in the bus.
Guy Broncheau and Jannelle Zenner in the white bus

NPT Law Enforcement getting down.

Walk around, Show yer number!!!! 🙂 jk jk you’re ALL WINNERS!

Baby Remi and Mom Teacher Frances Walker watched the helicopter landing.

Storm is kind of like the unofficial school mascot we joke.

Storm chillin in the shade with Maxine – our former kitchen staff in town visiting. He never forgets a friend.

All of our best guessers in the Wai 🙂 Total was 845.

Congrats to Gauge Decker our Skittles Jar winner!!

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