Medication Policy

Prescribed medication will be properly stored and administered based upon written authorization by the parent/guardian. Whenever possible parents are asked to come on site and administer medication or administer the medication prior to coming in-center. Please do not send medication to school in your child’s backpack. 

This policy is based upon HSPPS Part 1302.47(b)(4)(i)(C); the program, and partnering agencies must establish and maintain written procedures regarding administration, handling, and storage of medication for every child. Agencies may modify these procedures as necessary to satisfy State or Tribal Law. 

The Health and Safety Specialist will be responsible for:

  • Administering medications and documenting on the Medicine Administration Form
  • The form will be filed in your child’s main file
  • Label, store under lock and key and refrigerate (if necessary) all medications.
  • Ensure there is a signed Medication Administration Form
  • Ensure there is a prescription by a medical or health provider
  • Record any observed adverse reactions on the Medication Administration Form
  • Staff will only administer non-prescription (see list below) when medication is in its original container, and the Medication Administration Form has been signed

Non- Prescription Medications May Include:

Antihistamines, non-aspirin for fever reducers, non-narcotic cough suppressants, decongestants, anti-itching ointments/lotions to relieve itching, diaper ointments, sun screen lotions, vitamins, anti-diarrhea medications.

**** Please do not send any medications in your child’s backpack.  All medication must be communicated and dispensed through the Health & Safety Specialist ****