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Cancer early detection

Early Detection For Your Protection

Cancer is an incredibly difficult disease to fight or to watch a loved one go through. However, no one has to go through it alone. This page is to help educate people about the symptoms of cancer and how to reduce your risk.

Native American people are more likely to get certain cancers compared to non-Hispanic White people.

American Indian and Alaska Native (Native American) people have much higher rates of getting several cancers, including lung, colorectal, liver, stomach, and kidney cancers, compared to non-Hispanic White people in the United States. There are also important differences in the rate of getting cancer between the six regions where most Native American people live.

What the Studies Found

Scientists used United States Cancer Statistics data to see how many Native Americans got cancer from 2012 to 2016. They compared rates of getting cancer in six regions: the Northern Plains, Alaska, Southern Plains, Pacific Coast, East, and Southwest.


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